About Founder

A.K.M Salman Haque

A.K.M Salman Haque is the founder of HappyTechknow, an electronic gadget review firm. Dr.Sayeed Ahmed a renowned Marketing Specialist of the Asian Subcontinent “referred to him as “a marketing genius .” He has worked on many brands based on life science and electrical gadgets and those are ruling as a top brand in the subcontinent. After accumulating all his experience on smartphones, software, and many more latest & oldest gadgets, he finally launched this website to share his opinion on the latest genius & affordable gadgets from which people should get the maximum benefit. With his writeups, he generated his Best Ideas, Content, and Insight. Salman also creates alluring ideas and appearance. His work on society has always made people passionate about the current and advanced ideas on internet & marketing. Its a team effort on which he believes and he runs one of the most genius team of the subcontinent which consists of Technicians, Graphics & Web designers, Experienced & Talented writers panel, Marketing survey team, Computer engineers, Electric Engineers, Youtubers, Economist and Marketing specialists. That’s us.